Food Planet  is a fast growing world Food Distribution company focused on Brazilian and other South American products to be distributed to the whole Latin market in the United States. In the market for over 7 years, the group behind Food Planet has a vast experience in the industry and full knowledge of the American market.


Food Planet is strategically established in Central Florida, more specifically in the famous city of Orlando, but our range of action is much wider. Today we serve the entire state of Florida and all the American East Coast, including the great Boston area, and some locations of the West Coast. Besides that Food Planet is the “only” Brazilian controlled food distribution company in the Central Florida area.


The estimated population of Brazilians living in the USA is at 1.5 million but our target is not only limited to that. Food Planet is focused on the Latin market which today makes up for more than 33% of the American population.


Food Planet is the perfect showcase for your company come join us.


To dramatically increase the profit of our Latin based providers and our American clients by acting as the preferred distribution partner.


To become the most desired Showcase to all qualified Latin products in the American market.


Values and Features
Honesty and Transparency, Vision, knowledge, Strategy, Technology Oriented, Marketing & Sales Expertise